January 31st, 2015


Nominated in RarelyWritten

Nominations are open for the [community profile] rarelywritten ficathon until February 7 at 11:59PM CST. (Nominations aren't a commitment to play.) After submitting my nominations on the AO3, I recorded them on the community's tracking spreadsheet. (Sharing nominations on the spreadsheet isn't required, but it should be handy to help avoid needless overlap and maximize eligible nominations.)

I nominated in HL, FK, YB, BSG78 and D&DC, as discussed, and I'll offer/request them. If it's really necessary when the time comes, I could offer in a few other fandoms, as well — Forever, Ivanhoe, Scarlet Pimpernel, Zorro's Black Whip, Buffyverse, CtM, PoI, OuaT... — and of course I'll read many more fandoms when written! But these are my own dearest.

(I settled on Serena for my fifth FK slot, and Tinia for my fifth BSG78. And I did go ahead and nominate both Karena and Martha in D&DC.)

I see 37 fandoms in the doc so far. Nominations have been open for just under 24 hours. [Addendum: Up to 42 fandoms at 6:15 PM Pacific Time.]

If only I could forsee my assignment now, so I could begin reviewing canon and digging research already...

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FK Recently: What You Guys Have Been Up To (12/01/14-01/31/15)

It's a bimonthly edition of this FK bulletin! Only because I didn't manage to post one at the turn of the year. So for the months of December and January both, in Forever Knight, in my corners of social journaling, here are the items that I spotted:

Ficathons, fests and communities

  • [community profile] fkficfest/fkficfest will post its annual pre-game poll in February. Do you want to play this year? If so, how do you want to play? If not, what would inspire you to want to play?
  • [community profile] halfamoon/halfamoon, an annual multifandom, multimedia fest celebrating female characters, is on from February 1 through 14.
  • [community profile] pbam, the "Porn Battle Amnesty" game, is holding a "golden oldies" bonus round (in leiu of the usual new game, which is apparently not being held this year) from February 15 through February 25.
  • [community profile] rarelywritten (formerly rarewomen), an annual ficathon celebrating underrepresented characters, is accepting nominations through February 7. Sign-ups will be February 15 through March 1.
  • [community profile] onedeadplotbunny is a new support/motivation community for writers. Their first round begins February 1.
  • [community profile] fandom_stocking, an annual multifandom, multimedia, wishlist fest, released in early January. Check out what was stuffed in the stockings that requested FK!
  • Yuletide released on Christmas Eve. Check out what FK wishes were filled.


Fans, cast and crew

  • 01/22: [personal profile] greerwatson conveyed the sad news of Lora Haines's death as announced on ForKni-L.
  • 01/19: [personal profile] pj1228 previewed that Nigel Bennett would guest star in that week's episode of Saving Hope.

Discussion, essays, etc.

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