January 1st, 2015

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2014 Fanfiction Year-in-Review

Fandom Stocking (Fanwork Gift Fest)

Rarewomen (Exchange Ficathon)

"Wake and Remember" (Forever Knight) (~6K words, PG-13) (Fleur, Nick) (Beta'd by Skieswideopen and Argentum-ls)

FKFicFest (Exchange Ficathon)

"Missing Persons" (Forever Knight) (~8K words, PG-13) (Tracy, Nick, Reese, Myra, Natalie, Vachon) (Beta'd by Skieswideopen)

Still-Unfulfilled Fanfic "Gift Certificates"

  • For Carabas, Forever Knight, a "For I Have Sinned" tag with St. Joan content
  • For Ravenela, Highlander, Tessa behaving maternally toward Richie's girlfriend
  • For Leela, Forever Knight, Janette&Urs or Janette/Urs
  • For Celli, Once Upon a Time, how Henry first figured out that something was wrong
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