August 10th, 2014


Brunchtime FKFicFest Status (Unofficial)

Here I am online after mass and brunch, so FKFicFest's post-deadline grace period has officially closed. Six of our wonderful players loaded their stories on time! Yay!

Three stories aren't yet loaded. Two of those authors got in touch with me days before the deadline about personal complications; I have every faith that they'll be fine. The third, on the other hand, hasn't yet replied to me; I don't know what may have happened. It looks like a default. I haven't given up hope, but I'll begin looking for a pinch-hitter for that story in an hour or so.

In the meantime, players, please do answer the one-question opt-in after-party prompt "treat" poll, if you haven't already! It's available on LJ and on DW. (I need to know so that I can get your opted-in prompts over to Amilyn and Twilight2000!) And of course please do tweak and polish and edit your story while it's queued as a "mystery work" on the AO3; that's one of the lovely advantages the AO3 offers us. If you wish, post your optional LJ and/or DW announcement post to the community(ies) whenever you like; they'll go into the community moderation queue until released, just like the stories on the AO3 (if you don't make these for yourself, I'll make them for you).

As the last stories aren't in yet, I can't make the final schedule yet, but I will email each person individually to confirm that everything looks good.


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Is it teatime yet? Another unofficial FKFicFest status update

(If this were official, it would be over on the community. ~grin~ This is just me burbling.)

We have a happy ending to what had previously looked like a default! A couple of small extensions have been granted. The important thing is that no players (or stories) have been lost along the way!

I've emailed every player, either with a confirmation that his/her story loaded successfully, or with a few questions. I've compiled the opt-in unaddressed "treat" prompts for Amilyn and Twilight (pending answers to some of those emailed questions), and I've made the preliminary schedule matrix (again, pending answers).

:-) Now, I'm going to take a break from the ficathon game long enough to visit my sister's family for board games and supper. :-)

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