August 9th, 2014

Character Death

August is still Susan's Birthday Month

I woke up this morning and turned on my computer to make the "Today's the day! FKFicFest stories due at 11:59 PM!" post, and... LJ had emailed me a reminder that Susan G.'s birthday is August 11, which happens to be the first day of releasing FKFicFest stories this year. I hadn't been thinking of that.

You remember and sometimes miss Susan G. (FK fic still here!) too, of course. You're an FK fan, after all. And you remember how August used to be "Susan's Birthday Month" on FKFic-L, inviting a special flood of stories to show appreciation ... for her! but also, in a way, for each other and our sharing of FK. (She didn't specify Raven stories for her birthday; she just asked for fiction, lots and lots of fiction.)

I know that I could defriend my deceased friends' accounts and duck these annual nudges. But unless it becomes a security risk, I doubt I ever will. I still write Abby's birthday on my physical wall calendar every year, just like my mom's and grandma's. You don't cease existing when you die.

But don't any of you go anywhere for quite a while, yeah?

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FKFicFest Sunset Update (Unofficial)

Nobody has asked me for betaing or posting assistance for FKFicFest today. I hope that means that everyone is doing spectacularly well! (We should be. We've all done this before. ~grin~) With approximately 4 hours to the official deadline, we have 3 stories already on the AO3, and I know the current statuses of 3 more (1 finished but not yet queued; 2 unfinished). That leaves 3 unknowns.

I've been at my computer all day today since breakfast, polishing my own story and checking for anyone needing help. I'm going to take a break now and try to fit in a brisk walk to the park before the sun drops all the way below the horizon here, and then get some supper. I'll be back.

If you're having trouble, please do try to ask for help before bedtime tonight. :-) I was available all day today; I won't be that available tomorrow.

Bedtime update: 5 stories are loaded to the AO3! 1 announcement is queued on DW.

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