January 26th, 2014


Coming Soon: Annual Pre-FKFicFest Poll

2014 shall bring our fifth FKFicFest! For anyone who doesn't know, FKFicFest (AO3 Collection) is an annual Forever Knight ficathon. All FK fans, characters and factions are equally welcome!

Round about next weekend, at the end of January or the beginning of February, I'll post the annual, preparatory [community profile] fkficfest/fkficfest poll, asking when and how people would best like to play. If you have any questions (or answers!) that you'd like posed, please suggest them.

I imagine that 2014's game will be very similar to 2013's — on the AO3, minimum 1K words, due sometime in August, 1 or 2 stories released per day — but we'll see what everyone has to say in the poll!

As long as I remain the mod, of course, some of my preferences (rules, schedules, etc.) will inevitably permeate the game. I know that doesn't fit everyone, and I'm sorry. If you'd prefer a change in leadership, feel free to say that, too; please be gentle :-) for I have truly tried my very best, but I won't think ill of any player who would play better with a fresh direction.


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FKFic-L, War and Crossovers

FKFic-L, the FK fiction mailing list, is presently playing FKFic-L War, an elaborate, round-robin fiction game in which the players descend on FK's fictional Toronto (as themselves), and work (in faction teams) around, with and against each other and FK's characters in pursuit of a goal (usually, some sort of scavenger hunt). I believe this is War XV, but I lost count a long, long time ago. (I actually played live only in War VII... but that was the most important one, right? ~grin~)

Anyway, Lisa McD made an unfiltered (non-War) admin post this morning, in which she wrote: "One of the list's rules is no crossovers..." That was news to me! The last time Don F. posted the fic list rules to the fic list (granted, over a year ago, now), they still said: "3. FK may be crossed only with movies and television shows. Collapse )."

I've emailed Lisa and asked for clarification. I'll pass on whatever I learn.

Addendum 2:00PM Pacific: Good news! Crossovers are still permitted on FKFic-L in general, and just not during War games.

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