January 9th, 2014


Fandom Stocking Reveals

The 2013/2014 [community profile] fandom_stocking treats have been revealed, and I'm looking forward to this weekend, when I'll be able to dig through all the stockings that requested my fandoms (and perhaps also read a few more Yuletide and hlh_shortcuts stories).

In the meantime, I came home from work fairly late tonight to the happy arrival of these goodies in my own Fandom Stocking:

  • A Forever Knight Nick & the Schankes story (plus Janette, Natalie and Lacroix references!), set before the tag of first-season's "Hunters," but after the climax: "Intrusion" by [personal profile] pj1228 (~1,500 words, gen, G). Highly canon-aware!

  • A Sleepy Hollow Ichabod & Abbie interlude story (with horses!), tucked between the looming cliffs of their adventures: "Two-in-Hand" by [personal profile] st_aurafina (~700 words, gen, G). A classic interlude!

  • A Sleepy Hollow Ichabod/Katrina manip desktop wallpaper by [personal profile] tarlanx, with intriguing symbolism! Gorgeous!

  • Fiction "gift certificates" of various lengths and in various fandoms from [personal profile] sharpest_asp, [personal profile] ravenela, [personal profile] argentum_ls and [personal profile] skieswideopen! Exciting! Yay, things to which to look forward!
    • 01/11/14: Ravenela just fulfilled her "pledge" with the Highlander Duncan/Tessa vignette "Acceptance," coordinating with the "Counterfeit" flashbacks!

  • Recommendations with links to three Person of Interest fanmixes from [personal profile] somehowunbroken! This is a fairly new form of fannish expression to me: interesting!

  • Recommendations with links to four Highlander pic assortments, and also to one page of Highlander filk lyrics, from [personal profile] alexia! (Two of the pic assortments are by JinxedWood.) Amusing!

  • Happy holiday greetings and art from [personal profile] wendymypooh, [personal profile] sjh2009, [personal profile] leesa_perrie and [personal profile] twinsarein! Jolly!

Thank you, everyone! These have been so much fun!

I wrote two short stories, myself, one Forever Knight (Lacroix & Natalie & Nick; thank you for the beta, [personal profile] skieswideopen!) and one Highlander (Methos/Alexa; thank you for the beta, [personal profile] celli!). I also handed out a few fanfic "gift certificate" promises where I'd much wanted to write (more FK! more HL! someone even requested original BSG, but it didn't get tagged properly so I missed it till the end!), but couldn't fit it in. I plan to post about those on the weekend. I need to transfer the two stories from Dreamwidth comments to the AO3, and perhaps sneak in one more polish.

(I'm also reminded that I have at least two stories (both FK) from previous Fandom Stocking years that I never did move into the AO3. I meant to rewrite them, but... [personal profile] leela_cat firmly tells me to archive them and move on, rather than let them continue munching at the back of my imagination as unfinished.)

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