January 5th, 2014


Of course James wrote it.

So the reveal has happened over at Yuletide. Of course my personal favorite story of the year was written by [archiveofourown.org profile] james (Original BSG, "The Way of Cain," Cain and Sheba, ~2K words). Of course. Ofcourseofcourseofcourse. Aaaargh. Could someone please steer James into one of my fandoms for the first time since FK? Pretty please? Any of them, not picky!

As y'all know, James was a very good FK fanwriter — the J in JADFE, as a matter of fact — who has gone on to become a great fanwriter. I can link you to many more of James's FK stories than the AO3 can, if you want; my favorites of hers ("Eyes of a Child," "To the Victor Go," "Just in Memory," "Most Trunk Space in 30 Years," etc.) aren't there.

([personal profile] celli, I see Hockey RPF on James's AO3 list. I assume you're already aware of this...)

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