January 1st, 2014

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2013 Fanfiction Year in Review

FKCommentFic “Bloor Mistletoe Challenge”

"Fair Shares" (Forever Knight) (~2K words, G) (Schanke, Nick, Natalie, Stonetree) (Beta'd by Batdina and PJ1228)

Fandom Stocking (Fanwork Gift Fest)

Rarewomen (Exchange Ficathon)

"Yet There Are Many" (Highlander) (~3K words, PG) (Michelle) (Beta'd by: Leela and Batdina)

FKFicFest (Exchange Ficathon)

"Closer to the Renaissance" (Forever Knight) (~4K words, PG-13) (Nick, Janette, Lacroix) (Beta'd by Skieswideopen, Sholio and Natmerc)

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