March 2nd, 2013

Trio Nick Natalie Schanke

FK Recently: What You Guys Have Been Up To (2/01/13-2/28/13)

For February, in Forever Knight, in my corners of social journaling, here's what I spotted:

Ficathons, Fests and Communities


  • 2/27: [Locked] posted an FK drabble.
  • 2/14: "Altars of the Past" by hearts_blood (PG, ~600 words, Nick and Urs).
    [She wrote this for a prompt that I left in a meme! It's post-AtA, but whether it's AU or not is open to interpretation. Check it out!]
  • 4 FK works on AO3 currently show February 2013 as their publication dates.

Meta (Essays, Analysis, Discussion)

  • 2/28: pj1228 pondered Nick and Schanke's tic-tac-toe game in "Dying to Know You."
  • 2/26: pj1228 linked to the Toronto Star and uploaded a recent photo in sharing the unhappy news that the real bookstore used as a set in "Stranger Than Fiction" is closing.

Chiller disappointingly will not air FK in March or April. Bah. Yay, DVDs!

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