January 1st, 2013


FK Recently: What You Guys Have Been Up To (12/01/12-12/31/12)

As announced on the email lists by Lisa McD, the next FKFic-L "War" game begins on Sunday, January 13, 2013. If, like me, you're not playing, you can set your subscription to "-war" to avoid the war posts (unless you take digests, in which case there's no filtering). You can also read along without playing, of course! I would personally suggest holding any non-war fiction posts until February, but of course that's entirely up to each writer.

Now, for December, in Forever Knight, in my corners of social journaling, here's what I spotted:

Ficathons, Fests and Communities

  • [community profile] fandom_stocking will reveal on 01/06. Four people listed FK among their fandoms. Check out the volunteer post for stockings no one has yet stuffed.
  • [community profile] fkcommentfic/fkcommentfic has received two entries so far in its "Bloor Mistletoe Challenge," which remains open through 01/06.
  • Yuletide garnered two FK stories this year, one an assigned exchange story and one a "treat."
  • [personal profile] oxoniensis will hold her 2013 "Porn Battle" game this month, with prompting 01/13-17 and posting 01/20-30.


Meta (Essays, Analysis, Discussion)

  • 12/27: twilight2000 recommended "Tainted Draught" (then anonymous; now revealed as Greerwatson's).
  • 12/25: [personal profile] sholio (here) and [personal profile] sharpest_asp (here) both recommended "Rondeau" (then anonymous; now revealed as Tolaska's).
  • 12/19: mysticalcat7 announced that she has uploaded the January 1996 forkni-l digests to the forkni-l archive. As you know, that was when SOS-FK began. (As you also know, she purges some name/address information by default, and will kindly purge more by polite request of affected persons.)
  • 12/12: [personal profile] melissatreglia compiled all the FK prompts for the "Porn Battle" games amnesty, and announced the 2013 game dates and changes.
  • 12/05: [personal profile] melissatreglia mentioned posting her "Trains and Winter Rains" ficlet for [community profile] fkcommentfic.

12/15: pj1228 shared a video clip and facts about GWD and NB's work in the upcoming 2013 Stratford Festival. Both will perform in Measure for Measure and Mary Stuart.

Chiller will not air FK in January or February. ~sigh~ Remember when FK was the SciFi Channel's idea of a great Valentine's Day marathon?

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2012 Fanfiction Year-in-Review

Fandom Stocking (Fanwork Gift Fest)

  • "Scrubbed Clean" (Forever Knight) (~2K words, PG-13) (Janette, Nick, Lacroix) (Beta'd by Celli)
  • "A Hunt By Any Other Name" (Forever Knight) (~2K words, PG) (Natalie, Janette) (Beta'd by Skieswideopen and Celli)
  • "Thirty-One, Level 1" (Forever Knight)  (~1K words, G) (Natalie, Sharon) (Beta'd by Malinaldarose and Celli)

Rarewomen (Exchange Ficathon)

"We Also Serve" (Battlestar Galactica 1978) (~4K words, PG) (Cassiopeia, Athena, Starbuck) (Beta'd by Malinaldarose)

FKFicFest (Exchange Ficathon)

  • "Chante à Nouveau" (Forever Knight) (~10K words, PG-13) (Urs, Lacroix, Fleur, Nick) (Beta'd by Wiliqueen, Skieswideopen and Batdina)
  • "Party Favors 2012" (Forever Knight) (assorted drabbles)
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FK Fanfic: "Fair Shares" (a Christmas Cookies and Mistletoe story)

I conceived this fairly light gen piece for the [community profile] fkcommentfic/fkcommentfic "Bloor Mistletoe Challenge" (open through January 6), but it grew all out of commentfic proportions. I considered bonsai-ing it. However, after very generous betareading from [personal profile] batdina and pj1228 on New Year's Day itself, I concluded that a short story fit the idea best.

  Available: The AO3 | I'll put it on my fansite soon.
  Length: 2,408 words
  Date: FKFic-L and AO3 01/01/13
  Rating: G
  Characters:  Nick, Schanke, Natalie; cameo by Stonetree; passing mentions of Myra, Jenny, Janette, Lacroix, Norma, Grace, Fleur, Patrice, Dietrich, Lipinski
  Summary: Schanke has Christmas cookies for almost everyone.
  Quotation: "I feel lousy resorting to this for my own partner, but— go on, open it."
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