December 2nd, 2012


FKCommentFic 2012 Winter Challenge (12/02/12-01/06/13)

The [community profile] fkcommentfic/fkcommentfic 2012 winter game is open. Everyone is invited! As the challenge is based on current events in real-life Toronto, hopefully the scenario will be fun and flexible for FK fans of every faction and tradition.

The idea comes from [personal profile] skieswideopen's description of the "21 kissing stations" recently installed between Bathurst and Spadina. (Each "station" suspends a red-ribboned bunch of fake mistletoe from a tinsel-bedecked lamp over a white circle with red text: "Mistletoe Kissing Station Approved by the Bloor Annex BIA [Business Improvement Association].") So, the challenge: Picture this real initiative in FK's fictional Toronto!

As the venerable custom of kissing under the mistletoe collides with cheerfully kitschy commercialism in a culture not famous for rampant public displays of affection, the commentfic story possibilities range widely. What do the Raven or CERK staffs think about BIAs? Is someone murdered under the mistletoe? Is it the last place someone is seen? Does it inspire a flashback? Does it attract shoppers? Is it charming or irritating? And — of course! — does a couple kiss... or avoid kissing?

To let us know, come play. ;-)

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