September 3rd, 2012


FKFicFest 2012 Stories by Genre

When I play in a ficathon, I usually post a list of recommendations as soon as I finish reading and commenting.  I feel that I ought not do that as a mod, though — trumpeting my personal preferences for some stories over my genuine gratitude for each and every story — so I haven't for [community profile] fkficfest/fkficfest.  However, perhaps I can help point some readers toward the stories that will appeal to their personal preferences?  We had thirteen stories this year, and here is one way of sorting them:

Like history?  "Phases of the Moon" (PG-13, ~7K; Seline, Lacroix, Divia) by Greer is set in Rome and Pompeii in the two years immediately preceding the eruption of Vesuvius, with flashbacks further into Seline's past.  "We'll Always Have New Orleans" (G, ~1K; Janette, Nick) by Mayhavefakedit is set one-third during Prohibition and two-thirds at the end of second season, as Janette decides to move on.  "Chante à Nouveau" (PG-13, ~10K; Urs, Lacroix, Fleur, Nick, Vachon) by me is set half in 1239 (in what is today southern France) and half in mid-third season.

Like humor?  "Circumstances Unforeseen" (PG, ~5K; Natalie, Nick, Lacroix) by Amilyn strands an angsty vampire, an intoxicated vampire, a coroner and a pregnant lady in an elevator in the CN Tower.  "Tinkers to Evers to Chances to Play" (PG, ~5K; Nick, Janette, Schanke, Natalie, Lacroix, Cohen) by Twilight2000 continually interrupts Nick and Janette's attempts to get romantic.  "Mandatory Training" (G, ~2K; Nick, Schanke, Natalie) by Natmerc supplies a classic first-season tag scene.

Like mystery?  In "The Ties That Bind" (PG, ~4K; Nick, Fleur, Tracy, Lacroix) by Melissa, Nick and Tracy follow a serial murderer from Toronto to Montreal.  In "Renovation" (G, ~2K; Nick, Natalie, Lacroix) by WaltD, Nick's contractors find a dead body hidden in the loft.  In "Not in My City" (PG, ~4K; Nick, Natalie, Vachon, Tracy) by Deire, Nick, Vachon and Tracy work together to bring down a threat to humans and vampires.  In "Some Friendly Advice" (G, ~1K; Stonetree, Cohen), Stonetree tries to tell Cohen something she doesn't quite grasp.

Like adventure?  "Knight Down" (PG-13, ~12K; Nick, Natalie, Reese, Tracy) by Foxy crashes in the mountains in the south-eastern US.  "Buttered Noodles" (PG, ~2K; Janette, Natalie, Nick) by Coralysendria holds up a store at gunpoint.  "Generations" (PG-13, ~12K; Nick, Natalie, Lacroix, Tracy) by PJ1228 converts Natalie to vampirism, with nothing about the change coming easily.

Like drabbles?  There are party favor drabbles for all on-time players, and then also the fkcommentfic "after party" as well.

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