August 26th, 2012

Nick Amused

Another NYT Stratford Review Praises GWD

On Sunday, the New York Times reviewed The Matchmaker at this year's Stratford Shakespeare Festival ("Adventure as a Cure for Ailing Love Lives" by Charles Isherwood; page 1, page 2; as these links originate on social media, they should carry you through the pay wall). 

The critic compliments GWD in passing: "Geraint Wyn Davies, a veteran actor I’m always happy to see at Stratford, plays Malachi Stack, a cheerful drifter looking for work who finds himself caught in the confusion, and Mr. Davies infuses his scenes with sly doses of Irish wit."

(Yes, that should be "Mr. Wyn Davies." But the critic gets the "always happy to see" right; that's what matters. ~grin~)

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