August 19th, 2012


NYT Stratford Review Praises GWD

Today, the New York Times reviewed this year's Stratford Shakespeare Festival: "Commands Both Martial and Marital" by Charles Isherwood (Part 1, Part 2).  (You should be able to view these via links from social media even if you don't have a NYT subscription and have used up your freebie views for the month.)

The top accompanying photo features GWD in Cymbeline, and the reviewer says: "For a Shakespearean king, the title character doesn’t get much stage time in Cymbeline. But the marvelous Geraint Wyn Davies cuts an imposing figure, movingly wonder-struck in the somewhat ludicrous final scene in which revelations are piled on revelations as the knot of the plot is untangled thread by thread."

Addendum: foxy11814 points out that NB is in that top photo, too. Can you spot him? ;-)

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