June 17th, 2012


Why I'm Personally Not Wild About "OTP"

Last week, I answered a survey about fanfiction trope classifications when couples are designated. I commented briefly that I often find such classifications puzzling. In a flash of nostalgia for days when the conventions were different and I ~wry~ innocently believed that I understood them — "gen" was everything that was not "erotica" in my '90s world (yes, including slash, though I understand that an older convention was that "gen" was everything that was not "slash;" no, no one I knew used the term "het" yet, and we still had "couples" instead of "pairings") — I added the passing observation that the acronym "OTP" (One True Pairing) has become a pet peeve, and also that I preferred its predecessor, "OTL" (One True Love).

Peeves are tiny crochets, niggling annoyances, recurring itches. They're what Andy Roony grumped about at the end of 60 Minutes. Not big deals. I'm not trying to stop people from using "OTP"! You use it, I'll roll my eyes, and everyone's happy, right? Well, no. Some found my peeve troubling. My preference could cause 'ship wars, one said. I was a bit taken aback.

Unfortunately, I just could not find the time then to respond seriously regarding something I had meant offhandedly. I've managed to carve out the time today; I hope it serves. In my defense, here are the layers of my personal, crotchety preference for OTL over OTP: Collapse )

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