June 16th, 2012



Everyone has heard about [community profile] remix_her/remix_her by now, yes?  This is the community for remix challenges centered on female characters.  ("Remixes" re-imagine existing stories, usually retelling the same events or revisiting the same period from another character's perspective.  It's polite to request a fellow fanfic author's permission before remixing her work, and to respect any limitations she sets.)  The community is moderated by [personal profile] havocthecat and [personal profile] celli (and a third person whom I don't personally know).  They have multiple interrelated games in progress.  It should be a blast for those who enjoy remixes and/or female characters!

If any of you choose to play there, please mention it and link from your journals.  I am not following closely — mainly because (1) I am vastly over-busy and (2) I believe that none of my best-beloved fandoms will be eligible — but I am interested!  Keep me in the loop?

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