March 1st, 2012


FK Recently: What You Guys Have Been Up To (02/01/12-02/29/12)

Recently in FK in my corners of social journaling:

Ficathons, Fests and Communities


  • 2/23: hearts_blood posted a revised version of her vignette "Warmth" (G, 690 words, Nick and Urs).
  • 2/04: hearts_blood posted "Lost Boys and Golden Girls" (G, ~600 words) in reply to a "Tracy/Vachon, kiss, docks" prompt in a Cuddle/Kiss/Sex fic meme. (Then she locked it, because it had not been beta-read and revised.)
  • 4 FK works on AO3 currently show February 2012 publication dates. (I believe that one is new, and three are old.)

Meta (Chatter, Discussion and Essays)

  • 2/25: [Locked] discussed US vs. Canadian spelling and terminology in FK fanfiction (and the vagaries of canon).
  • 2/21: [Locked] shared that FK fan Diane E. died.
  • 2/20: ithildyn mentioned Nick brought to mind by a song.
  • 2/18: hearts_blood is playing a "Cliche-Fic Meme." FK is eligible; she's written two FK humor ficlets there so far (one with Nick and Natalie, one with Nick and Lacroix.)
  • 2/17: hearts_blood updated her WIP list with two FK stories.
  • greerwatson is sharing faction userpic icons: 2/25, 2/20, 2/18, 2/14 and 2/12.
  • hearts_blood planned (2/08) a FK marathon, then explained (2/11) why it didn't happen, then reminded (2/13) herself to watch.
  • 2/02: [profile] gnosticdiva included FK in a WIP meme.
  • 2/02: hearts_blood included an FK line in a WIP meme, and then posted a FK WIP draft called "Wrong Side" and requested opinions on whether and how to finish it.
  • 2/01: hearts_blood noted the anniversary of the death of Heny II, Duke of Brabant (analogue of Nick's theoretical older brother).


  • 2/26: pj1228 reviewed The Pitmen Painters, a play in which NB performed.
  • 2/21: pj1228 announced that NB has a recurring role on the radio drama Trust, Inc. (Thursdays, 11:30PM, CBC Radio One; downloads available).
  • 2/05: [Locked] noted Blu Mankuma's appearance on Fringe.

Chiller has FK scheduled for Monday, March 12, 9AM-5PM, DK-CB!

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