February 25th, 2012

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Oldschoolfic "Spring Serenade" Ficathon

I'm thinking of signing up for oldschoolfic, the ficathon for canceled series, even though it's due on the same day as rarewomen, for which I'm already signed up.  (Usually, I offer 10+ fandoms in this game; I'd offer just 4 this time. And I'd write nearer the minimum 1K words than usual!)  If I should reconsider, please tap my shoulder and remind me of sensibleness...?

oldschoolfic sign-ups close on Wednesday 02/29; stories are due 04/30.  Players submit three prompts, usually two from two listed fandoms and a third from any canceled fandom ("wildcard"), but the rules also permit multiple prompts in a single listed fandom.  Collapse )  The game twist this time is that in addition to another player's direct prompt, each writer also receives a third player's random song-lyric prompt.  As always, this game's minimum 1K words may be a single story, or two 500-word stories, or ten 100-word stories, etc.

Are any of you playing?  Considering playing?

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