January 21st, 2012


RareWomen Nominations

Nominations at the rarewomen ficathon remain open for approximately twelve hours.  No one has added any characters to the FK or HL nominations since I signed up.  (How about FK's Marian Blackwing? Lisa Cooper? Alexandra the barmaid? Barbara Vetter? Amy Lambert? Serena? Sofia Jurgen? Gwyneth? Alyce Hunter? Amalia the wine merchant's daughter? Rebecca? Magda?) Comments on Dreamwidth: comment count unavailable

Seeking N&Ner Happy Endings Fanfiction

honor_reid has asked for recommendations of high-quality Nick/Natalie stories with endings that grant the characters, if not a happy-ever-after, at least an "ordinary-ever-after."  So many FK stories conclude sadly, bittersweetly, suddenly, or tucked back into canon that she'd appreciate directions to some more definitively hopeful endgames for her favorite couple.

I can think of some stories (listed below), but I bet that you all can think of many more!  After all, I'm a gen fan at heart; most of you are romance fans.  And where I lean IB and Les Mis, many of you are N&Ners!  So please pitch in, if you can.  And yes, please mention your own work, if it matches.

(I may harvest stories mentioned in comments for future recommendation-of-the-month use, so you know.)

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