January 8th, 2012

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Fandom Stocking 2011/2012 Reveal

The fandom_stocking reveal came on Saturday evening 01/07.  This game saw record participation: 374 stockings!  Click the tags for your favorite fandoms to see what there is to see (FK, HL, etc.).

My stocking was generously stuffed with:
Interesting stuffers I've spotted in other people's stockings include:
As a stuffer, I met my goal of writing a unique new story for each stocking requesting FK.  It was only three this year, not counting me (Skieswidopen, Havocthecat, Amilyn), but that's the most writing I've done in many months, and I have high hopes that the stories are not bad.  (All were 1-2K, too long for commentfic, so I linked them from AO3. Perhaps more FK requests would have helped me hold down word counts?)  I thank Skieswideopen, MalinaldaRose and Celli — above all, Celli, who generously tackled all three! — for beta-reading.

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Rarewomen Ficathon Nominations Open

rarewomen, a ficathon for rare women characters in large fandoms (like HL) and all women characters in small fandoms (like FK), has opened nominations (01/07-01/21) for its upcoming game.  Only nominated fandoms and characters will be available for sign-ups (01/25-02/08), so if you're planning to play (stories due 04/30), please pitch in.  (Each player may nominate up to five fandoms, one of which must be "large," and up to five characters per fandom.)

I'm not positive that I'll play, but I'm leaning toward it.  How about you?  In "large" fandoms, a woman character is eligible if she appears in under 20% of the fanfiction.  (Tessa Noel, btw, is tagged in under 2% — yep, two; that's not a typo — of the HL fanfic on AO3. I feel that Tessa epitomizes the "rare" woman character.)

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At this time, gehayi has nominated FK, and karrenia_rune has nominated HL.  None of the other fandoms in which I write are yet nominated, but it is awfully reassuring to see both FK and HL in the mix this early.

Addendum: See the masterlist for the ongoing compilation of nominated fandoms and characters.

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