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Example FK all-fandom challenge prompts

Last week, I toyed with Forever Knight "What if?"s here on my blog at the same time that we were all together solving the exchange/challenge tie over on FKFicFest. My overlap may have accidentally implied, especially to those who've never played a challenge, that "What if?" is necessarily the form of a challenge prompt. Not at all! My apologies!

I personally think that the ideal challenge prompt — one prompt for all players, of all factions, 'ships and shades — in an FK game would look more like these examples:
  • "Just out of reach"
  • "Family by choice"
  • "Never too late"
  • "Unexpected temptation"
  • "It was worth it"
  • "Mistaken identity"
  • "Long forgotten"
  • "It's never over"
  • "Gone too far"

To expand the example, for the single common prompt "Family by choice," different FK fans might write such diverse stories as:

  • "Lacroix has always wanted companionship. Janette and Nicholas weren't his first attempt, but he was determined that they would be his last."

  • "Tragedies robbed Natalie of her parents, her brother and her goddaughter. When a once-dear friend is devastated by a similar loss, Natalie reaches out and refuses to be pushed away."

  • "As Nick investigates the murder of a Toronto social worker who placed children in family foster care, he remembers a woman disillusioned by the 'Orphan Train' movement after the US Civil War."

  • "Miklos, Brianna and others follow Janette to Montreal, committed to preserving their community of 'strays' with her as matriarch."

  • "Screed doesn't have to run with Vachon's crew. But when he thinks of splitting, he sees how none of them could get by without him."

  • "Myra loves to match-make. When Nick and Natalie resist her direct efforts, she adjusts her strategy to start a subtle campaign through the people closest to them."

  • "Captain Stonetree is devastated by the discovery that Inspector Fiori is not the man he'd believed him to be through years of friendship. Stonetree sticks with Lynn Fiori every step of the way through rebuilding her life, but he never sees, speaks with or writes to Tony... until he receives a letter from prison."

Or to expand another example, for the single common prompt "Never too late," different FK fans might tell completely different stories like:

  • "When Nick finally achieves his cure, Natalie is over sixty. Nick knows that she is still the love of his life, but does she have room in her life for him?"

  • "Lifting the shillelagh, Lacroix believes that all is truly lost. Then he realizes that one winning move yet remains on the board."

  • "Janette and Nick miss the boat — literally — and must fly with their luggage to catch their trans-Atlantic transportation."

  • "Urs has clung hesitantly to the margins of society. Determined to change, she asks Aristotle's help as she applies to university."

  • "Tracy and Nick investigate a seemingly impossible cold case. All the witnesses are dead. All the evidence is contaminated or lost. But one clue has surfaced, and Toronto may never be the same."

  • "Natalie tells her grown niece a truth long suppressed."

  • "Vachon discovers that the Inca survived Vudu's bomb, but barely. Vachon must choose between passively letting his oldest enemy die and acting to fulfill Angel's imperative at last."

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