December 31st, 2011


2011 Fanfiction Year-in-Review

In 2011, I finalized 10 fanfiction pieces (~36K words).  I also have 2 lingering "leftover" stories (~2K words), which I posted as commentfic for Fandom Stocking 2010/11, but still have not yet polished for the list or archived; they're not abandoned, just... not yet satisfying.  8 of the 10 are Forever Knight, 1 Highlander, and 1 Young Blades.  9 (prose) were written for fests, and 1 (poem) just because.  They're all pretty much gen, as I measure it, though there are splashes of canon romance.

I also archived all my fanfiction on the AO3 this year, re-editing most pieces as I went. A big job! I still have to transfer the changes back into the originals on my fansite.

My thanks to my 2011 beta-readers! ♥ Batdina, Skieswideopen, LastScorpion, Amilyn, Ithildyn, Natmerc, Sholio and Celli. Plus Wiliqueen and Leela for brainstorming.

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A very happy New Year to everyone!  May we all be blessed, and bless each other.

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