November 16th, 2011

Nick Again

FK not eligible for Yuletide?

[Correction: FK is eligible! skieswideopen (here) and [personal profile] havocthecat (here) kindly explained that I misunderstood.]

Do I understand correctly (from this list) that Forever Knight is not eligible for Yuletide this year?  If so, is FK too big, or did the [community profile] last_writes person who promised to nominate it fail, or were there other considerations?  Granted, I was personally not going to write for Yuletide anyway, but I am taken aback and disappointed.

I'm also anxious that nothing seems to be happening with oldschoolfic, which has been my winter exchange while y'all play Yuletide.  No exchanges for me this season?  Ah, well.  It's not like I shouldn't be doing other things!

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