October 19th, 2011


Icon Refresh

Ages ago, I decided that the conceit of the "Bright Knight" logo on my FK userpic icons was a bit silly.  It took time to re-make and re-load them all!  But I now have a completely refreshed set.  I'm very pleased with the way many came out (e.g. Faith, Vachon's Crew, Janette), although others fall short and frustrate me (e.g. Guest Star, Kids).

I still intend my loaded userpic icons for myself alone; please forgive my arrogance in supposing this needs to be said, but they're not up for grabs.  Instead, of course, I've made dozens of other userpic icons that are meant for anyone!  If you're in the market, check out these assortments: Schanke, Bechdel Test-passing, Janette and Nick, Fleur, Seasons and Factions, Natalie.  (Or, if you're on my f-list/r-page, feel free to request a custom icon; I enjoy making them, and I learn the craft in the doing.)

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