October 14th, 2011

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AO3 Mirroring Progress

I've finished mirroring my non-FK fanfiction on my AO3 account, [archiveofourown.org profile] brightknightie:My Forever Knight (54+) fanfic mirroring has a ways yet to go, but most of that is up as well.

I've re-read each story as I've mirrored it, and (inevitably) re-edited.  Newer pieces got tiny tweaks, if any, but some of the very oldest made me blush as I slashed and burned through jungles of extraneous verbiage.  Gracious!  Plot, theme and characterization remain as first posted, however juvenile, but at least I can spare any generous future readers the adverbial overgrowth!  Of course, this means that once I'm done mirroring from my fansite to the AO3, I have to do it all over again in reverse, to reflect those thousand little fixes in the originals.  A potentially never-ending volly... ~wry grin~

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