August 26th, 2011


AO3 Searching and AO3 Feedback Meme

AO3 Search Tips.  xparrot shared excellent tips for "Browsing & Reading on AO3."  Among other tools, she addresses the tactic that pj1228 requested last week: how to search to exclude rather than include.  (Thanks to [personal profile] sholio for the link.)

AO3 Feedback Meme.  [personal profile] celli promoted a meme (LJ/DW) celebrating that AO3 is fully equipped for feedback and discussion to enhance community feelings and inspire writers.  (Want more stories? Talk to a writer!)  [personal profile] ruuger: "Your challenge, should you choose to accept it, is to go to Archive of Our Own," and: Collapse )

Forever Knight is pitifully underrepresented on AO3 (just 204 pieces by two dozen authors).  Granted, I've mirrored under half of my own FK fic so far; I shouldn't complain.  Still! So few authors! So few old favorites, so few new possibilities.  The best I can offer in the spirit of the meme is to point out the FK works of WiliQueen, Leela and James so far archived there.

Highlander fares more happily, with precisely 1000 works when I looked this morning.  Longer favorites eluded me, but I easily found two all-time-enjoyed shorter HL pieces, which HL fans should check out:
  • "All that Glitters" by Killa (~3K words; PG13; AU; Tessa, Duncan, Methos, Richie). To this, other AUs should aspire: it entirely satisfies, and makes me cry.
  • "Even Better" by Melina (~7K words; PG; Episode-Related; Michelle, Amanda, Duncan, Nick, Connor). When Amanda returned in "Finale," I wanted a mention of Michelle from "Rite of Passage." This pleasingly supplies what canon neglects.

Addendum: The meme strives to advertise the fact that AO3 is not just a writers' archive, but rather that it serves readers and recommenders. (The "bookmark" function is where to find the recommendation option, by the way.)

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