June 6th, 2011

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Femgenficathon 2011

I've signed up for femgenficathon, which is, as labeled, a ficathon of gen stories starring female characters.  It uses a variation of the prompt claiming model with quotations (each may be claimed twice), and it's "bring your own fandom."  I'm therefore strongly leaning toward writing Jacqueline from Young Blades or Tessa from Highlander, because no one ever requests them in exchange games, and I love them.  (Of course I might equally write Fleur or Urs or a dozen other Forever Knight women. Or Serena from the original Battlestar Galactica. You never know.)

The prompt I got is: Collapse )

Interested?  Prompt claiming remains open through June 7.  The final date for story submission is September 8 (well after FKFicFest ends).

Addendum 07/08: Sign-ups are closed, but the unclaimed prompts have been released free-for-all style, if you later find you'd like to participate.

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