May 19th, 2011

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FK Poem: "Solace"

Yesterday, May 18, 2011, was the fifteenth anniversary of the first broadcast of "Last Knight" (give or take local syndication).  This piece has nothing to do with "Last Knight;" I just like to post something new on that day.  Great thanks to [personal profile] batdina for swift, pointed, encouraging beta-reading, so that I could fulfill that tradition this year!

It had been five years since I last wrote a fan poem.  When this idea arrived, I tried to fit it into story-shape out of habit; it stalled.  When I realized it was a poem, it bloomed.

  Title: "Solace" (also on AO3)
  Length: ~300 words (3 stanzas of 10 lines)
  Date: FKFic-L 05/18/11
  Rating: PG
  Summary: Different people unwind in different ways after a difficult night.
  Characters:   Natalie, Nick, Schanke, Other
  Quotation: "pushes the volume up past memory, / driving out the recent and the distant."


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