April 9th, 2011


Musings on FKFicFest Community Design

In case you didn't hear, the 2011 FKFicFest ficathon is on!  Sign-ups start April 20; stories are due in July.

fkficfest (LJ) is now at [community profile] fkficfest (DW) as well.  I had been planning to spare the extra work of mirroring, but the recent inexcusable DDOS attacks on LJ have demonstrated the benefits of an alternate meeting place; if evil spammers beat down one site, see us on the other.  (Remember that you can use OpenID to comment without an account, and if you would like a DW invitation code, ask.)

As I was telling PJ, I tried out a new theme/style for the community, and I'll probably try some more themes yet.  Collapse )

Addendum 4/10: I spent several hours on Sunday afternoon attempting to find a LJ theme that would (1) support both the requested FK font and the requested banner illustration, and (2) display correctly in both IE and Firefox. I could not locate such a theme. If you know of one, by all means, please tell me.

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