April 5th, 2011


Finding Me Elsewhere Online

As you know, I've had an FK fansite since the late '90s, and I archive my own FK fanfiction and other fanfiction (HL, BtVS, etc.) there, as well as the recommendation-of-the-month project.

I'm [personal profile] brightknightie as well as brightknightie.  With no disrespect to LJ, the unfortunate downtime they've been experiencing lately suggests that I should make an offer of DW invite codes to help us all through; if you're on my f-list, just ask.

You may not know that I'm also [archiveofourown.org profile] brightknightie on the Archive of Our Own.  I have not uploaded any stories there at this time, so it's probably no use subscribing to me with their new feature.  (While I feel more positively about the AO3 than any other archive yet, I've been so burned in the past that I remain wary... and of course I compulsively update my old stories when I find errors. We'll see.)  In any case, I do comment there when I read there, and I do pop over there at least once a month to check FK uploads.

And of course I am still subscribed to ForKni-L and FKFic-L, continuously since February '96, although I admittedly rarely read the discussion list digests these days, and am often very slow and backed up on the fiction list.

I'm not on Twitter or Facebook.

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