February 26th, 2011


Collective Bargaining Story

I support collective bargaining rights for all workers.  Surely everyone who knows the history does.  Of course, those rights, like any rights, can be misused and abused; that's reason for ongoing vigilance, prudence and reform in all human institutions, not for eliminating the institutions.

Many people are out in the winter cold across the US today, seizing this "teachable moment" of the Wisconsin drama to make that point in public gatherings.  I'm not doing that, but for what it's worth, I pledge to write a fanfiction with historical flashback content on what unions have done for us all and why collective bargaining rights matter.  I don't commit to a deadline, but I'll aim for within 2011.  The story might be either Forever Knight or Highlander, whichever yields the best story idea.

If you'd be interested in reading such a story by me, please feel free to let me know what story elements you might like to see!  If you'd like to chat calmly, reasonably and relatively briefly about how the existence of collective bargaining rights does or does not benefit the entire society, we can do that, too. ;-)

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FK Recommendation February 2011

What's Good?  I'm happy to get to have February's recommendation-of-the-month spotlight "Beyond the Grave" (1996, PG, ~2K words) by [personal profile] lastscorpion.  With a light touch on heavy events, "Beyond the Grave" answers the old "Discovery" challenge: "What would it take for Tracy to discover Nick's vampirism?"  In this case, a near-death experience:
     "I mean, even vampires die eventually. They get stuck out in the sun, or stabbed with a stake, or suck on a bad rat..." Tracy's voice trailed off.
     "That's true, darlin'. Nobody lives forever, and just being a vampire is no cause for damnation. But choosing to be a vampire is a little bit like choosing to be a psychopath."

What's New on FKFic-L?  One story, "Winter Merriment" (G, ~1K words) by pj1228, posted to the list in January.  However, four stories have posted in February so far!

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