December 26th, 2010

Other Fandom Highlander

HLH_Shortcuts 2010 Ficathon

I've finished my reading in the Highlander hlh_shortcuts 2010 exchange fest, and these are the stories there that most impressed and satisfied me, personally:
I must also nod to "Truffes noires d'hiver" by unovis (PG; 1800w; Methos, Darius, historical figure), which is very good, but creeps me out in at least three ways.  Collapse )

It's amazing to have so much new HL all at once!  With thirty stories, many different genre tastes are served, including action (e.g. "Dirt Road Blues" by Mackiedockie), capers (e.g. "Fencing" by Merriman) and sci-fi (e.g. "From Out of the Wilderness" by Morgynleri).  From a whole-series perspective, Methos is perhaps overrepresented; Richie, Charlie and Tessa are underrepresented; and there's a surprising plenty of Rebecca.  Take a look?

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