August 27th, 2010


FK Recommendation August 2010

Before this month's story, two notes.  (1) Following Susan's death, I amended the rules to permit recommending deceased authors; as always, stories by living authors are featured only with the author's permission.  (2) Whenever I recommend an "adult" rated story, I encourage those who wish to avoid such content to contact me for an alternate recommendation. Please always mind the ratings!

What's Good?  For August, I recommend the novella "Physical Therapy" by Ophelia P. (NC-17, 1995).  I hadn't previously featured this landmark Nick/Natalie romance in part because no one needed directions to the door of the most famous story in the fandom.  But time passes; let's take a tour.  With practicality and tenderness, "Physical Therapy" faces up to the canonical obstacles to this sort of human/vampire intimacy; it wins a standard-setting success for the characters.
     Nick pulled back, hand still in her hair, eyes blue, lips fighting to hold an indignant, defiant pout and tending to curl instead -- thank God, his sense of humor had finally kicked in! "Satisfied?"
     Her mouth was still open -- damn, he'd caught her by surprise, the sneak! -- and her toes were just starting to unclench. But she wasn't about to tell him that. "Hardly."
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What's New on FKFic-L?  In July, fkfic-l saw one story, my "True to Life" from fkficfest.  There have been two stories in August so far.  The date for the upcoming War game is not yet set; October is under discussion.

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