June 3rd, 2010


FKFicFest Closing Ceremonies Were Sunday

The first fkficfest game closed on Sunday.  The game wrapped up with "party favor"/"door prize" 100-word drabbles for each of the on-time players.  Then "The Closing Ceremonies" posted, with the masterlist of all stories entered in the game, cheers for all the great writers, beta-readers and readers, and answers to some final admin questions.

Now, that's where I thought things would end!  However, my co-moderator, amilyn, threw a wild surprise after-party of additional drabbles, ficlets and short stories, so very generously contributed by those players who had time and inspiration, written to the prompts I had submitted myself.  Wow!  I am touched!  And astounded.  (amilyn, greerwatson, [personal profile] leela_cat, [personal profile] merfilly, natmerc, [personal profile] skieswideopen, twilight2000 and wiliqueen, thank you very much!  I've put feedback for each of you on those posts.)

I would like to thank, again, all the fkficfest writers, beta-readers and readers!  You were wonderful, and it was an amazing ride.  Fiction games are a huge part of our identity as FK fandom, from the preeminent FKFic-L "War" team games, to list challenges like "Forever Not," the "Song Challenge" and the "Card Challenge," to stories given as gifts, round-robins, and much more.  Thank you for making fkficfest such an FK experience!

Remember that all the stories are still up to read and comment on!  Feedback never goes stale. ~g~

Obsessing a bit, I'm concerned that the game's masterlist is not conveniently at the top of the community for visitors between now and the next game.  I've been trying to come up with a way to add a real "sticky post" at the top, but the current layout doesn't support it, and I'd hate to switch the community to an inferior layout.  (You cannot future-date community posts.)  If I can't come up with a better way, we may have one more admin post to get the linked list of your stories to where a new reader will immediately see it.

There is more to say -- people are posting recommendations! people are posting to fkfic-l! I am infatuated with the story my match wrote! -- but for now, just: thank you all.

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