April 23rd, 2010

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An Incredible Gift: The German DVDs

Before the Icelandic volcano interrupted transit, my very dear friends [personal profile] batdina and [personal profile] leela_cat pulled off a transatlantic gift-giving coup.  With wonderful generosity, thoughtfulness and invention, they presented me with a copy of the German first-season FK DVDs and access to a multi-region DVD player.  It is so much fun that I hardly know where to start!  I initially snapped into a flashback :-) of me on the couch during spring break in 1996, my last year of undergrad, marathoning my very first tape-tree crack at first season, and falling in love with this story.

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Living in Region 1, I hadn't imagined getting a Region 2 copy, and so was taken entirely by pleasant surprise.  But of course the world is full of such devices as multi-region DVD players, and Amazon.de is as easy to use as Amazon.ca.  If you love first season as I do, I recommend buying them as soon as you have a little room in your entertainment budget.  The thrill of a new FK scene!  Even just five seconds long. :-)

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