December 9th, 2009


FK Recommendation December 2009

What's Good?  For 2009's last recommendation-of-the-month, I'm pleased and proud to get to spotlight Mary Ch.'s "Black Ice" (2000, PG-13) today.  Pleased, because it's a satisfying, layered, episode-like novella with something for everyone (well, second-season's "everyone," anyway).  Proud, because I've almost re-synchronized my calendar at last! ;-)

For those seeking/avoiding certain strains at this time of year, let me note that "Black Ice" unfolds in the deep midwinter, with the teaser on Christmas Eve, the body over New Year's, and the tag at Epiphany, as I read it.
      He was too late. The daylight had advanced too far. He made a desperate lunge for the door, hoping against hope that he could reach it before the burning forced him to retreat, but in his weakened state the light was too strong and the distance too great. He staggered back to the wall, the skin on his face and hands blistered and smoking.

What's New?  In November, fkfic-l saw one new story by one author: "The Relapse" by pj1228 (5 posts, 89KB).

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