September 27th, 2009

Remote Control

Report on Chiller's Labor Day Marathon

I don't get the Chiller channel, so everything I've learned about their Labor Day FK marathon has been second-hand, mostly from abby82.  However, I've learned some very interesting things, and I've been longing to share!

First up, the promos.  One went: "Before Edward... before Angel... there was Nick.  The original vampire with a heart is back.  The cult hit that drew first blood and proves that you can't have twilight without the Knight."  This makes me laugh with amused delight.  Yes, okay, lots to quibble with, but it's just fun for the show to be acknowledged with some perspective.  (When they were promoting Moonlight at cons, CBS representatives said they had never heard of FK.)  abby82 uploaded all three commercials for those of us beyond the channel's reach.

Next, the sequel.  Chiller will air FK again in October!  Their schedule is a bit hard to read, with the dates crimped between lines on my screen, but it looks like they're planning 9:00 AM to 4:00 PM on Saturday 10/10 and Thursday 10/15.

Finally, and most excitingly, the version.  They aired the original CBS US cuts.  abby82 describes them in detail, and though I haven't seen them, I'm confident that's what they are.  In brief, all opened with the CBS surround-sound logo (like DK does on the DVDs), and they had the key scenes known to be characteristic of the original US airing.  This means that the CBS cuts survived!  If only they will release a nice new, DVD "slim set" with the differences packaged as extras, I can finally get rid of the last VHS tapes in the closet...  Collapse )