July 18th, 2009


FK Recommendation July 2009

What's good?  July's recommendation-of-the-month is wiliqueen's "Silent All These Years" (1992), an amazing early take on Janette's origins.  The many elements it shares with the episode "A Fate Worse Than Death" (1994) testify to the cohesion of Janette's character, while the differences bore perceptively into Janette's relationship with Lacroix.
     [Janette] cursed herself for her sentimental refusal to sell the thing, meaningless as she knew it to be in a world shaped by Roman hands. She could have been free by now; and though she would always be a barbarian and therefore inferior in that world, her lineage and looks might have won her a marriage into the puppet Gallic nobility. Instead she had nothing all over again.

What's new?  In June, fkfic-l saw five stories, all by one author.  Collapse )