June 28th, 2009


Gen-Ficathon Sign-Ups Extended

The gen_ficathon moderator has temporarily reopened sign-ups, and asked participants to consider adding prompts and/or fandoms, hoping to ease matching.  She specifically calls out Forever Knight as a fandom needing more prompts (also HL, B5, LotR, ST:TOS, ST:TNG, SJA and a few more).

She would like to offer every writer two compatible prompts, which is generous, pragmatic -- and ambitious, perhaps?  I would like to help her matching, but of the neglected fandoms listed, my original requests covered three (probably meaning I'm part of the problem; darn) and I'm not familiar with most of the rest.  I'll keep thinking on it.

As we're talking ficathons, just a reminder that sign-ups for the next oldschoolfic event come due June 30 (Tuesday).

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