June 23rd, 2009


Other FK-Eligible Sports

I've been referring to oldschoolfic (sign up by 06/30) and gen_ficathon (sign up by 06/25) as this summer's two FK-eligible ficathon games.  That's incomplete.  They are the large, exchange-style, FK-eligible events that I know of. :-)

Another game for which FK is eligible is cliche_bingo, in which players get a bingo card with a fanfic cliche in each square, and play their way across their cards by writing stories for each cliche.  Sign-ups closed early because of overwhelming interest (over 400 sign-ups).  I wonder what might be on a list of FK-specific fanfic cliches?  (Without character or faction bashing, natch.)

There was also the eighth round of Oxoniensis's NC-17 fanfiction game, which is now closed.  I heard of this round when at least two people sighed under locks that there were no FK prompts.  It looks like they play every June and January, so I suggest someone prompt "turtleneck" for FK next time. ;-)

And there is a moderately new gen_drabble community with weekly prompts, for which FK is theoretically eligible, although no one there has written it.

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