June 22nd, 2009

Remote Control

FK is on Hulu

Everyone else knows this already, right?  Forever Knight is on Hulu, with seasons one and two up for free online viewing -- with commercials.  (To view without commercials, purchase episode downloads from Amazon for $1.99, or of course the DVDs.)

I pinged Hulu for the first time this weekend while signing up for the oldschoolfic ficathon (sign up by June 30; this is the one for any genre, in out-of-production fandoms only).  My FK prompt references an episode, which should be easy, I thought.  Rewatch just one episode, and all set!  But what if my prompt recipient doesn't own the DVDs, or they're packed away, or something?  It seems Hulu will serve nicely.

I had already signed up for the gen_ficathon event (sign up by June 25; this is the one for gen only, in any fandom), so now I'm conclusively in both FK-eligible events this summer.  In over my head?  We'll see. :-)

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