May 20th, 2009


Femme-Fic Ficathon 2009 Released

The femme_fic queue is released!  This is the "We Love Female Characters" ficathon, with a wide mix of fandoms and genres.  There are unfortunately no FK stories this time (only falcon_horus and I submitted FK prompts), but there are over fifty stories celebrating female characters!  Take a glance at the catalogue post, and you're likely to see something in one of your fandoms.

I received a Buffy the Vampire Slayer Jenny Calendar prompt imagined by havocthecat, and wrote "Fortune Prove" in response.  Of the prompts I submitted, pervyficgirl picked my Marvel Comics Scarlet Witch prompt, and wrote "Magic Mirrors Looking at People Who Belong to Us," which indulges me by crawling into the canon space after issue #12 of the second V&SW limited series (which they should reissue now).

It will take me weeks to read my way through the ficathon, but I want to note up front that there are new stories by havocthecat, amilyn and falcon_horus from my LJ F-List (did I miss anyone?), and that I had the privilege of beta-reading for amilyn and seshat_maat.  I'd also like to thank my own generous beta-readers: amilyn, batdina, much_madness and wiliqueen.