May 18th, 2009

Character Death

Thirteenth Anniversary of the First Broadcast of "Last Knight"

So.  The eighteenth of May, 2009.  A forkni-l digest dropped.  A new story hit fkfic-l.  Different more in scope than substance from the eighteenth of May, 1996...

Well, sure, except for the obvious. :-)  It really is a long time past, isn't it?  I'm still deeply glad for FK and the friends I made in it.  I'm grateful to still be in touch with as many as I am.  I'm grateful that the lists still live.  I'm grateful that when I watched "Hunters" recently, it was even better than I remembered (and "Outside the Lines" even worse).

A toast to the goldenplaid parody script!  A prayer for everyone who ever loved the show.  And thanks to you, who are reading now.