January 25th, 2009

Fleur & Lacroix

Fleur Mini-Ficathon

falcon_horus is hosting a mini-ficathon for characters played by Claire Rankin!  Naturally and rightfully, this will be dominated by Doctor Kate Heightmeyer, Rankin's regular role on Stargate: Atlantis, but over here in FK, she played my favorite guest star, Nick's sister, and falcon_horus went out of her way to be clear that Fleur is welcome in the game.  So come play!  Leave a prompt!  (There's no need to claim a prompt, or to sign up in any way.  Her initial speculation suggested 500-1000 words, but her prompt-collecting post does not define any limits.)

Here's her timeline:
  • Prompts collected here through 01/29.
  • Prompts consolidated and posted on 02/01.
  • Posting 02/02 through 02/28.

Remember that you can imagine beyond Nick & Fleur and Lacroix & Fleur, if you like!  No factional limits.  Janette and Fleur, Natalie and Fleur, Schanke and Fleur... what?  Dream sequences and ghosts are completely canonical. ;-)