January 17th, 2009


What You Guys Have Been Up To

Recently, in FK on my LJ Friends List:

  • Poll.  oldschoolfic (out-of-production-fandom fanfic) is taking a poll.  What would inspire you to write or read more FK?  Let them know!

  • abby82:
    • Challenge.  On 01/17, mentioned an upcoming multi-fandom challenge using Twilight Zone episode titles, and how she thought FK's assorted dream sequences (and one AU) might fit.
    • Fiction.  On 01/11, posted her fiction year-in-review, including five FK stories. She listed her Cohen story as the one that most "shifted perceptions of the characters" in 2008.  On 12/25, she recommended two FK Yuletide stories. 
    • Vidding.  On 12/31, posted her vidding year-in-review, which includes four FK vids about different characters.  On 12/27, posted -- Ravens and IBs, take a look! -- the Janette one of those vids, "What You Are," with a snazzy banner by 77words to boot.  And on 12/24, she happily pondered more vids, including a Nick one.

  • Fiction.  amilyn, on 01/02, revealed that the Yuletide story written for her was an FK one, Natalie and Janette, "Conversations in Passing" by kynical.

  • Reviews.  pj1228, on 01/01, announced that she will be expanding her LJ from just FK fanfiction to commentaries and reviews of other things with the FK actors, the first of which she posted about The Border (CD and NB) later that day, and the second of which appeared on 01/12, about "Jesse Stone: Sea Change" (NB).

  • Fiction.  havocthecat, on 12/31, posted her 2008 Fanfiction Round-up, which includes one full FK story and two FK crossovers.  She named her FK story, "Could They Choose Between," her favorite of the year.

  • Crossovers.  ithildyn, on 12/21, mused on crossing Magnificent Seven with FK.