July 14th, 2008

Remote Control

oldschoolfic Ficathon Released

The oldschoolfic ficathon has been released from its moderated queue!  It looks as if my "A Delicate Balance," written for amilyn's Natalie prompt, is the only Forever Knight story in the batch, unfortunately.  But there's BtVS, ST:TNG, HL, B5, VM, Farscape, original Battlestar Galactica, and more out-of-production series.  (As usual, it will take me a while to read my way through.)

Next round, we really must muster more FK prompts and players!  (Yes, I'm looking at you!)  I did submit one, but butterflykiki wrote my HL Methos and Tessa prompt instead, and as her "Fly Away Home" turned out so marvelously, I can't even wish she'd chosen otherwise.  Both, sure.  Otherwise, no. ;-)