May 6th, 2008


FK Recommendation May 2008

What's good?  The May recommendation-of-the-month went up Monday night, featuring Amanda's "Legacy" (2003), a worthy spin on the convention of Nick meeting a descendant of Natalie in an alternate future.  In this twist, the descendant learned about Nick at Natalie's knee, so she's the one with secrets, not him.  (The story reminds me just a little of "The Last Act" -- not the episode "Last Act," but Erica's final play.)

What's new?  In April, fkfic-l saw two new stories posted:

  • "Keeping it Together" (1 Part) by Ell H.
  • "Starwort" (6 Parts) by me

In passing, I note that this May is the ninth anniversary of the recommendations project.  It is also, of course, twelve years since the first airing of "Last Knight."