April 19th, 2008


"DVD Commentary" Meme

wiliqueen revived the "DVD Commentary" meme, and shared commentaries on her classic Forever Knight fanfiction "Color of the Night" (pure story / commented-upon) (second-ever entry in the recommendations project, by the way), and on a stirring portion of her recent Blood Ties fanfiction "Five Times Coreen Fennel Did Not Kiss Henry Fitzroy..." (pure story / commented-upon), and has generously promised me comments on one more FK scene to be named later, to boot.

Honoring the meme exchange, I hereby make a similar offer: pick any of my fanfiction (list), and I'll repost it with a "DVD commentary."  (However, I must add a caveat; if you choose a larger story -- especially one so big that I divided it into chapters or sections -- please choose just a scene, not the whole thing.  This is a little meme, not a giant project to consume the next several months, right? ~g~)

In other news, my last beta reader kindly came in on "Starwort," and I will make her adjustments -- she recommends a specific small new scene in the middle of the long conversation scene, among a few other tweaks -- and then start preparing the story for fkfic-l posting (that is, dividing it into <500-line ASCII posts wrapped at <60 characters-per-line and counting them; I love the list dearly and devotedly, but optimal list posting is both an art and a chore).


Proofreading Shame

Just found a typo in the opening sentence of "Starwort" as posted to the ficathon.  Edited it immediately.  Covered in embarrassment.  No wonder only two people read it.  Aaaargh.

Inserted 04/23/08 11:23 PM:  Three more typos now rooted out.  After posting to fkfic-l.  Sigh.

Inserted 05/12/08 04:51 PM:  And another one.  C'mon typos!  Come out and face me!  ;-)