February 10th, 2008

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FK Fanfic: "What It's Like"

I wrote "What It's Like" during one of those phases when I identified very strongly with Nick.  Given that, I'm not sure why it's from Natalie's perspective, but there it is, in that delightful canonical gap between the flashbacks of "Only the Lonely" and the present of "Dark Knight."

This little story winds up with an origin for Natalie and Nick's "movie nights," as seen on screen only in "False Witness," but famed in fanfic through every faction and fad.

  •  Title: "What It's Like"
  •   Length: ~2,400 words
  •   Date: Posted to FKFic-L on May 3, 2003
  •   Rating: PG-13
  •   Summary: Natalie attempts to understand Nick's struggle, as he grapples with his third shift as a homicide detective.
  •   Setting: 1991 Toronto
  •   Characters:   Natalie, Nick
  •   Quotation: "That's exactly the kind of thing I need to know, if we're going to cure your condition, not just treat its symptoms.  And that is our mission statement, isn't it?  Find a cure?"



FK Recommendation February 2008

What's good?  For February, the recommendation-of-the-month project features tv_elf's inventive, amusing "Things Unsaid" (2007), set circa 2011, in a reality unlike any other I've ever seen trying to cope with the aftermath of third season.

(For those playing along at home, this is not the story I originally requested for February, with no slight to either author, as I would be happy to recommend either story in any month.  I was simply unable to reach the other author, and by the project rules in force since 1999, recommendations are by permission only.  Thus, late recommending this month.  Apologies all around!)

What's new?  In January 2008, fkfic-l unfortunately did not see any stories posted.