January 31st, 2008

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BT Fanfic: "Thirteen Years Sideways"

I intended this Blood Ties (TV) piece to be the teaser scene of a BT/FK crossover.  Unfortunately, it never went anywhere.  (Thanks to Wiliqueen for introducing me to the BT television series, and also to Ms. Huff's novels!  If you haven't read her Smoke novels, and you're an FK fan -- well, pick them up now and don't miss the FK-related humor any longer!)

  •   Title: "Thirteen Years Sideways" (also on AO3)
  •   Length: ~400 words
  •   Date: January 2008
  •   Rating: G (gen)
  •   Summary: Lost in time, the ensemble walks down a street.
  •   Setting:   1996 Toronto
  •   Characters:   Vicki, Coreen, Mike and Henry.
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